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Great things a happening...

Yes, it is that time of year again here at LGH where the inmates hold their breath and doggedly endure the onslaught of applicants for next years admission. On the forthcoming weekend, more than a hundred hopeful aspirants to the claims of becoming an honourable member of 7th or 8th grade here at our valued state institution, will live through two days of excitement and selection. This day may seem important to them, but for us it is of crucial value... we recruit a new generation. No one knows what Space Cadets and Easy Riders we will allow entry to our sacred altars of knowledge and which Beethovens and Einsteins we will turn away. But, as always.... we shall see - and make the best of them.


jan-grimo said...

"inmates" I defy your use of this word to describe the occupants of the rooms in the dorm.

No no, it's absolutely fine with me. But your are suggesting Mr. Kilian is imprisoning us. Oh whatever.


Ulf Iskender Kaschl said...

with 'inmates' I just conjured up ironic associations - those of inhabitants sharing a common identificatory background - that can refer to, but does not necessarily imply to be one of suppression by authorities...