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It's a valentine's day

One of the nice traditions that have been successfully established at LGH include a Valentino flower and chocolate service - you order by filling out coloured cards with the name of your valentine and, if you so desire, add some messages. Then on the 14th of Feb. the flower girls come breaking into the classrooms, interrupting even the most interesting English grammar lessons and dish out the accumulated well-wishes of friends, dance-partners and lovers.

In contrast to last year, were I left the class room empty handed (sob!), I was bestowed the honour of a red rose, complete with a heart-wrenching drawing of a surfer... ooooooh, sweet, man. Dear unknown red rose sender, I should like to take this opportunity to hereby thank you immensely - you made my day... ;-)

PS As some of you may have noticed, forthwith I shall be writing my blog in English. Larger publicity, global village, lingua franca and all that considered are the reasons, plus some friends who might have an easier time catching up on Ulfie's doings that way... All you Germans...I hope you don't mind...


jan-grimo said...

It's a nice feeling, huh? :)
Now I have to admit I like the idea of reading an english blog. It's something I reaaally like. I love the english language.

Enjoy your day, you certainly made mine :D

Tobias said...

Und bei mir gabs keine Rose, aber ich schreibe ja auch nicht übers surfen, sondern über Bioethik. Vielleicht sollte ich das ueberdenken.

Tobias said...

und noch was: Mach das Kommentare posten mal einfacher. Nicht jeder will oder hat ein gmail account.

Oscar said...

I must agree, JG. I really do like reading english blogs. Great fun. I've been thinking about writing mine in english but I have too many german (and lazy) readers.
oh well.

Lieschen said...

sounds interesting^^
I also have to agree...a really good idea!