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A day in the life of K

Yesterday it happened to be the Tuesday of our short B-week, and for me that means relative relaxedness, as I've only got a lousy biology lesson to teach the ninth graders, plus some baseballs to throw and the dreary (but preparation unintensive) weekly teachers conference to endure. As I got up in the morning, the sun was shining, and little did I expect that this would actually be a day full of blood, sweat, and tears - and thus a pretty normal day in the perpetual state of exhilaration that we call life and work here at the State School for Gifted Children.

The lesson went pretty well, almost uneventful - I was somewhat surprised however, that with minimal preparation I was able to pull off 90 Minutes of input-intensive teaching. Oh well -you either have it, or you don't. Directly afterwards I sat together with a group of teachers wracking their brains as to what to do about a certain mobbing situation that keeps rearing its ugly head - and we did, halleluja, come up with a soon-to-be-implemented plausible strategy over the course of 1,5 hours of pedagogic discussion.
Lunch was pretty regular, in fact, I don't even recall what I ate, which at least is not a bad sign... The preoccupation with food, however, would take up the first part of the afternoon, as I prepared a test-version of an improvised recipe for a visitor of a certain importance soon to be entertained - and the second part was spent trying to stem the blood flow from the nose of one of my students I had accidentally hit with a fast served curveball, delivered straight to the nose. The real shock was when he told me, in a semi-comatose state, that he was actually a hemophilliac, a small trifle of a fact that I probably should have been made aware of when I took him on that trip to Israel last year, don't you think? Oh well, life is full challenges. We did manage to save his life due to the help of massive amounts of ice and the expertise of our school nurse, and I just hope that he won't hold that incident against both me as coach in particular and baseball in general.

The teacher's conference I am not going to comment on, being a good, law abiding staatsbeamter, but let me tell you, all clichés are true, and it's even worse than you can imagine.

The day continued with a prolonged session of letting myself be humiliated in the swimming pool by the ever-better technique, style and speed of certain underage readers of this blog, and ended with the serving of the trial-version of that afore mentioned three star meal to one of them. She continues to enjoy life in good health, by the way.

As I cleaned up my kitchen and went off to bed, I could not help thinking, that, all in all, it was not exactly a day badly spent.


Oscar said...

uhm. duh. what a wierd day. i was wondering why you had a knife in your hand when i came to bring your stuff you forgot in the car...
oh well. what a day.

Lieschen said...

yesterday was a really strange day...
GLK must have been really bad, wasn't it? But you managed to swim very fast with the help of your aggressions very good.

But I have to say the "3-star-menu" was really good and right, I'm still alive =)

Paul said...

school nurse?

hmm … sounds interesting.

Caro said...

na paul, die kenn ja sogar ich :P
wäre sie schon früher am lgh gewesen, hättest du es schwer gehabt...

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