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Nice things at LGH

Almost four years I have now spent living in SFG, the pitiful epitomy of Swabian bleakness. And, just when you least expect it, beauty is revealed. On Sunday (oh, how that day deserved its name!) I was sitting on the balcony of my esteemed colleague SMH, enjoying the rays and thinking that, holy moly, if you just manage to forget about SFG and its plentiful misgivings for a while, the view over campus, the school building with its classical frame in the distance, and the medieval town nestled in between the green woody hills, then - well yes!- then you can actually come to call this place beautiful.

With these astounding findings rocking my cortex, I chanced to look down at the scene that was unfolding on the asphalt just below. Where once there was lawn, old linden trees and dandlelions in between the buildings, and where the whim of the architect now let designer-fitted saplings sprout from perfectly circular cement blocks latched unto the dark seal of civilization, some of our girls were practicing their moves on the unicycle. Their laughter rang up, bubbling, rippling through the spring air, and I thought, why, yes, this is life reclaiming space - finally there is a pulse to be felt among the clear geometrical lines of the living-and-learning complex.

Another thing happened at that moment that made me smile so much I nearly burst with rapture - a bully got hers, but that is another story for another day.

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Lieschen said...

hachja, immer wieder sonntags...
wär doch nur jeder Sonntag wie der letzte oder vorletzte, nicht wahr?
aber bald, nach den ferien, kommt auch schon wieder die stressige Zeit des Sommers...sowohl für die Schüler als auch für die Lehrer...aber bis dahin: genießen wir die Sonne!