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Blast from the past

One of my older videos I just rediscovered. The original is lost, burnt into digital oblivion on my former hard drive. The only copy that exists is in the web. Shamefully it's embedded in my early attempts at socialising in the internet (peinlich) and I don't know how to download a copy (even more peinlich). But I like the video. So enjoy.

Tango of loneliness


Peter said...

Meine Damen und Herren...
mit Spannung erwartet übertrifft er nun unsere kühnsten Erwartungen!
Der Download-Link!


Sammy said...

I believe I know this one. And I like it.

"Schwäbisch Fucking Gmünd"? Interesting place you live at... :P

(Was the video on that external hard drive we buried together in your "electronic waste" bottom drawer after it decided to cease working?)

Hanna said...

Ich mag das Video.

Kai said...

das sieht mir nach MyVideo aus.
Probiers einfach mal mit
Da sollte man das downloaden können...

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